lobe moky laser hair removal

lobe moky laser hair removal

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lobe moky laser hair removal

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200Lobe Moky Home IPL hair removal device is specially designed with advanced intense pulse light technology to deliver professional, permanent results and laser-smooth skin from head-to-toe. It targets the pigment in your hair and permanently disables the hair follicle’s ability to regrow hair . It brings a comfortable, safe, and permanent hair removal result. You can remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your home, at a fraction of the cost.
ome patients are pleased with only one session of fractional resurfacing.

“There is an incredible improvement in skin texture and color, and mild smoothing of deeper acne scars and deeper wrinkles. Very superficial defects can disappear after one session,”* Dr. Cassuto observed. “However, deeper wrinkles and deeper acne scars may require two or three sessions, spaced one month apart.”*

*Individual results may vary.

Dr. Cassuto has successfully treated Fitzpatrick skin types I through V with the SLIM MiXto SX CO2 laser. “We don’t have patients with skin type VI in my part of the world,” Dr. Cassuto said. “Treatment is perfectly safe. I have had no cases of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation because only 20% of the skin is ablated on each pass, so you don’t really cause any wide damage that can result in scarring or hyperpigmentation.”*

*Individual results may vary.

Most patients require only one pass. “The heat delivered, which eventually results in new collagen formation, is much more diffused. It is actually applied to the whole surface,” Dr. Cassuto pointed out.


Lobe Moky Home IPL Hair Removal Device
Things you need to know about Lobe Moky:
Skin Tone Sensor
It is a must to test your skin tone before treatment, place the skin tone sensor
window against the skin area you want to apply to. If your skin tone is suitable to use
this device, device will be unlocked, it is designed for consumers and children’s
safety. Dark skin is not able to unlock the device.

Skin Contact Sensor
There is a recessed lamp surface with a built-in skin surface contact sensor, which
ensures the light pulse will only be emitted on skin, therefore, it can protect children
from injury as the light may damage vision if not done properly, moreover, it will not
waste the pulses by mis-operation.

3 Treatment Levels For Option
Press the power button to choose a suitable energy level for your treatment.
It depends on your personal feeling and also the hair condition.Normally we start
with level 1, then you can go up if you feels alright or you’d like to enhance the effect.

Using 8 to 10 Times Is a Complete Course Of Treatment.
We suggest operate every two weeks for the first 4 times.
The 5th to 7th time please operate once a month.
The 8th to 10th please operate every three months.
See the hair reduction to decide the treatment times,it depends on individual’s hair
situation, normally we suggest to operate again when the hair has grown 30%, it
helps to achieve the best result.


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The SLIM MiXto SX is a new fractional skin resurfacing CO2 laser from Lasering S.r.l (Modena, Italy) that offers versatility, physician control and reduced patient discomfort. “This laser not only functions as a traditional CO2 resurfacing laser, but has fractional capability as well,” said Daniel Cassuto, M.D., a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Catania in Catania, Italy. “I normally don’t need to use any anesthesia when I perform fractional resurfacing in a mild-to-moderate intensity.”

*Individual results may vary
Even the traditional CO2 component of the laser at a superficial setting “can be tolerated without any anesthesia because the scanner incorporates a special technology that avoids the accumulation of too much heat in the same spot,” Dr. Cassuto noted. Treatment is also tolerable due to a spot size of only 300 microns. “Another well known CO2 fractional laser has a spot size measuring 1300 microns,” he added.

Dr. Cassuto explained that the SLIM MiXto SX CO2 laser is highly versatile because “you can regulate both the depth of penetration and the amount of heat delivered beyond the ablation spot. The procedure is clean — gels or dyes are not required. You only need to wash and dry the skin before treatment.”

Treating the entire face in the fractional mode takes about 20 minutes, whereas the whole neck area takes about 15 minutes. *“Treatment is also safe for hands and the chest area,” Dr. Cassuto conveyed. “If some areas require deeper treatment during the same sitting, you can easily switch to traditional resurfacing with a touch of a button.” Moreover, any growth (e.g. skin tag) can be ablated by easily switching to a traditional surgical CO2 laser feature, followed by skin resurfacing.

*Individual results may vary.

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