skin analysis lamp

skin analysis lamp

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skin analysis lamp

Water Oxygen Penetrating Machine: With advanced technology this moisturizing beauty machine can inject rapidly water and oxygen into the bottom of the human skin to treat and improve skin, wrinkles, skin relaxation, pigmentation etc. It is safe to use without wounds, treatment risk or other side effect.
Help Skin Absorption: This device can discompose skin care products like Hyaluronic acid into the finest mist, through high pressure injection penetrate the nutrients into deep skin cell, promote generation of collagen and skin repairing.
Anti-Aging: Provide your skin abundant nutritions directly which effect is at least 10X better than daily skin care. It can strengthen the skin’s respiratory function, make the cells do aerobic exercise, to increase the skin’s activity and to promote skin metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of whitening, replenishment, tender skin, repairing sensitive skin.
Safe and Effective: It provides a Non-Surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using high pressure water injection, which is no irritation, no cross-contamination or discomfort when you use it. Suit for all skin types, perfect for salon or home use.
Durable To Use: Adopt the gas and liquid dual-channel molecule confluence technique to prevent the sprayer clogging problem. special designed position wheel ensures straight spraying of air flow without leak and the produced finest mist can penetrate into the deep pores to achieve the effect of deep hydrating.



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1.Skin deep moisturizing, small molecule water through the
pores to skin deeply.

2.Ideal for replenishing moisture for deep skin, regaining elasticity, shrinking pores, rejuvenating and improving skin, smoothing wrinkles, etc.

3.Advanced technology. Purity of over 95% oxygen activator can smooth wrinkles and whiten or tender your skin effectively.

4.Safe to use without wounds, treatment risk or other side effect.

5.Molecule scale nutrients can be absorbed by the skin cell easier to solve skin problems from the root.

6.Well designed, suitable for professional use and home use.


Item Type: Anti-Aging Products

Material: ABS

Voltage: 100-240V

Plug: US Plug

Color: As Pictures Shown

Machine Height: Approx. 22 cm / 8.66 inch

Machine Width: Approx. 20 cm / 7.87 inch

Package Weight: Approx. 2500g

Function: Replenishing Moisture for Deep Skin, Whitening Skin, Fading Dark Spots, Inhibiting the production of acne, Regaining elasticity, Shrinking Pores, Rejuvenating and Improving Skin, etc.

How to use:

1.Take out the machine, connect the injection gun to the air hose.

2.Fill water or other nutrient in the cup after thinning appropriately.

3.Connect the power, hold the airbrush lightly in your hand.

4.By pressing the power button, a stream of air emerges.

Functions 1. Hydra Water Facial Cleaner Aqua Peel : Non-invasive exfoliation to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin safely and painlessly. 2. Ultrasound: Through 1 million to 3 million vibrations, the essence penetrates deep into the skin, gently massages cells, promotes metabolism, increases cell viability, and improves blood and lymph circulation. 3. Skin Scrubber vibration cleaning: Whitening, dead skin, blackhead removal, 4. Bipolar RF Radio frequency: Improves fine lines on the eyes, enhances firmness, and brightens eyes,Face lifting / Skin tightening/ Wrinkle smoothing / Face contouring 5. Cold Hammer: Shrinks pores, tightens skin, removes wrinkles, promotes collagen hyperplasia, eliminates redness and sensitivity, and fades dark circles and bags under the eyes. 6. Hydrogen Oxygen( H2-O2) Spray Gun: Combining with essence , the instrument produces oxy-hydrogen, which can be quickly penetrated into the dermis through high pressure injection.

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